Shichao Zhu received the Ph.D. degree in computer science from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. She received the bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology from Harbin Institute of Technology, China, in 2017.

I am fortunate to be supervised by Prof. Bin Wang, co-supervised by Dr. Chuan Zhou and Dr. Shirui Pan.

Her current research interests include data mining and machine learning, especially on graph neural networks, multi-relational/heterogeneous graph representation learning, graph geometric learning, and GNNs for Drug Design. To date, she has published several research papers in top-tier conferences and journals, including the NeurIPS, KDD, AAAI, IJCAI and ICDM.

  • Graph Neural Networks
  • Multi-Relational Graph Representation Learning
  • Riemannian Manifolds and Graph Geometric Learning
  • Graph Neural Networks for Drug Design
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2022

    University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • BSc in Computer Science, 2017

    Harbin Institute of Technology


  1. Graph Geometry Interaction Learning

    Shichao Zhu, Shirui Pan, Chuan Zhou, Jia Wu, Yanan Cao, Bin Wang

    34th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2020 Accepted)


  2. GSSNN: Graph Smoothing Splines Neural Networks

    Shichao Zhu, Lewei Zhou, Shirui Pan, Chuan Zhou, Guiying Yan, Bin Wang

    34th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2020 Accepted)

    Long Oral


  3. Relation Structure-Aware Heterogeneous Graph Neural Networks

    Shichao Zhu, Chuan Zhou, Shirui Pan, Xingquan Zhu, Bin Wang

    IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2019 Accepted)


  4. Pseudo-Riemannian Graph Convolutional Networks

    Bo Xiong*, Shichao Zhu*, Nico Potyka, Shirui Pan, Chuan Zhou, Steffen Staab. (equal contribution)

    36th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2022 Accepted)


  5. Multi-view Substructure Learning for Drug-Drug Interaction Prediction

    Zimeng Li*, Shichao Zhu*, Bin Shao, Tie-Yan Liu, Xiangxiang Zeng, Tong Wang. (equal contribution)

    Nature Machine Intelligence (NMI 2022 submitted)


  6. Imposing Label-Relational Inductive Bias for Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network

    Shichao Zhu, Chuan Zhou, Shirui Pan, Bin Wang.

    IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE 2022 submitted)


  7. Geometry Contrastive Learning on Heterogeneous Graphs

    Shichao Zhu, Chuan Zhou, Anfeng Cheng, Shirui Pan, Bin Wang, Shuaiqiang Wang, Dawei Yin

    The ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS 2022 submitted)


  8. Ultrahyperbolic Knowledge Graph Embeddings

    Bo Xiong, Shichao Zhu, Mojtaba Nayyeri, Chengjin Xu, Shirui Pan, Chuan Zhou, Steffen Staab

    The ACM 28th SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (SIGKDD 2022 Accepted)


  9. Multi-Graph Fusion Networks for Urban Region Embedding

    Shangbin Wu, Xu Yan, Xiaoliang Fan, Shirui Pan, Shichao Zhu, Chuanpan Zheng, Ming Cheng, Cheng Wang

    The 31st International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the 25th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-ECAI 2022 Accepted)


Work/Project Experience

  • Research Intern, Biomap. Feb. 2022 – May 2022.

    • Participated in protein representation learning with AlphaFold2, supervised by Le Song.
  • Research Intern, Computational Biology/Machine Learning, MSRA. Oct. 2021 – Jan. 2022.

    • Participated in modeling for molecular dynamics simulation, research of drug/molecular representation learning, drug-drug interaction prediction based on graph neural networks.
  • Research Intern, Search Science Team, Baidu Inc. Dec. 2020 – Sep. 2021.

    • Participated in authoritative evaluation of Baidu mobile search quality, and technical pre-research of measuring webpage structure quality based on graph neural networks.
  • NSFC Research on Network Security Event Scenario Construction. 20162017.

  • National Key R&D Program Research on Event Impact Analysis & Situation Assessment. 20172020.

  • National Key R&D Program Research on Information Analysis and Traceability. 20182020.

  • NSFC Research on Graph Anomaly Detection based on Network Embedding. 20192022.

Leadership Experience

  • Monitor of postgraduate teaching, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. 2017 - 2018.
  • Core member, Students Forums on Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence (SFFAI). 2017 - present.
  • Vice-chairman, Dance Association of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. 2017 - 2018.
  • Secretary, Party branch, School of computer science and technology, Harbin Institute of Technology. 2016 - 2017.
  • Director, Study Abroad Center, School of computer science and technology, Harbin Institute of Technology. 2015 - 2016.


  • National Scholarship - 2014
  • National Scholarship - 2015
  • National Scholarship - 2016
  • Top 10 College Students, Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Outstanding Student Award, Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Special Award of Director of Institute of Information and Engineering
  • Merit Student in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences



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